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  • The bus duct series
  • Bridge series
  • The intensive bus duct

  • The bus duct series

  • Enclosed bus duct

  • The bus duct series

  • The bus duct series

  • The bus duct series

  • The bus duct series

  • The bus duct series

The bus duct equipment

  • Assembly line bus processing equipment

  • The Spanish imported The bus duct assembly machine

  • No artificial automatic welding manipulator device

Low cost of purchasing raw materials

  • Bus duct aluminum shell by chinalco south-south tailored design

  • Bus procurement according to the international copper prices to ensure real-time low copper content in the certificate issued in merger and acquisition

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     Ltd. of guangxi electric co., LTD. Is located in“Green city”Nanning high-tech development zone high-tech wider picture15Number,Is a new type of advanced high and new technology enterprise。The registered capital1680Wan,Cover an area of an area10000Square meters,The construction area6000Square meters,The company since its establishment,Introduce and cultivate good science and technology personnel、Management personnel100Many people。The company production of cable tray、The intensive bus duct、High and low voltage distribution box and switch cabinets, etc,Is a collection development、Design、Production、Sales、Services in an integrated large electricity...

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